Register a location

Register a location

You can register your location via the registration form or send an email to with a short description and photos (size 1MB).


Team Loes will look at your location in accordance with our customer's request. Over the years we have built an exclusive portfolio, with a critical eye to interior and exterior, and we also look at the suitability of the space for photography and film. We strive to contact you within 48 hours. 

Selected for our portfolio?

We will schedule an appointment with you for a visit. During this introduction, we discuss what you can expect when booking. We also photograph the interior and exterior of your location. Photos of your location are added to our portfolio with a location number. From this moment on, we bring your location to the attention of our clients and it's ready to be booked. To protect your privacy, your contact details are only released to the client when you make an official booking.

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