About Us

Who is Loes

Loes op Locatie was founded in 2009 and known for her exclusive portfolio of uniquely selected locations. Loes mediates with a personal touch, this is our definition of quality. We are always on-the-run for new locations. 

Esha Kalberg, is the owner, and brain behind Loes op Locatie, but the agency has grown with a driven team that's got her back! Every day we team-up to find you the perfect location for your photo-, film-, television productions or events.

What we do:

Team Loes handles your inquiries and provides you with the best suitable locations for your production or event.


The office is established in Rotterdam, but our locations can be found throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


Mireille Engels

Mireille Engels


Esha Kalberg

Esha Kalberg