Loes op Locatie is here to help you find the perfect location for your photo-, film-, television productions or events. Known for our high-quality portfolio with exclusive locations all over the Netherlands and Belgium. 

To get access to our portfolio you need an account on our website. You can either search our portfolio and make an inquiry via the application form, or we can take over the work and find the perfect location for you! Just hit us up anytime via e-mail or a simple phone call. We will make you a suitable offer, no strings attached! 

Did we make you curious? Don??t hesitate to have a look here to log-in or make a new account.

Method of working

If you are interested in one of our locations, we can make you an optional booking for the requested date. Before you finalize your optional booking with us, there is the possibility to go by the location for a viewing of half an hour.  We can also arrange a recce, a technical check upfront. We plan this for you, together with the location owner. Our locations can be booked for either half a day or a full day. 

Half a dayFull day
Photography4,5 hours9 hours
Film5 hours10 hours


If you would like to finalize a booking, you will receive an e-mail with the booking confirmation, here you can find all the agreements made and policies applicable to the booking.   

Loes op Locatie helps clients such as photographers, stylists, production agencies and fashion and interior brands to find a suitable location. Our database consists of various locations spread across the Netherlands and Belgium. From spacious villas, family homes, farmhouses, to apartments, lofts and sleek offices. We represent these types of locations and mediate between the owner of the location and the client.

How does it work?

Customers registered with us have access to our database and can search and request locations themselves. Another option is that we search for them and make a non-binding proposal with various locations from which the customer chooses.

Did the customer choose your location? Then we take care of the booking agreement, billing and payment to you as the owner of the location.

What if your location gets booked

Location request

If a client requests your location, we will contact you to discuss the details of the request, the fee, and the requested date. All requests are made in consultation. Clients can take a provisional booking at your location. This means that you keep the location available for the agreed date. We will let you know as soon as possible rather it will be an official booking.

Before your location is officially booked, the client has the option to view it prior to the production date. In consultation, we schedule an appointment with you and the customer.

Booking confirmation

As soon as the client confirms the optional booking, the booking will be made official. We will send you the booking confirmation via e-mail. Here you can find all agreements made, relevant information concerning the production, and the compensation. 


The hight of the compensation will be established per production and is dependent on the type of production (photography, moving images or event) and if it's editorial or commercial. Next to that, the hours of the shoot, the number of persons that will be present at your location, and the type of location will also affect the hight of the compensation. Overtime will be charged as well.

Loes op Locatie charges a commission percentage of 20%. To avoid confusion, we always communicate the net value you will receive for the rental of your location. 

You can register your location via the registration form or send an e-mail to with a short description of your location and some photos (size 1MB)


Did you register your location? We always try to evaluate your location within 24 hours. We will contact you afterward and if we decided to register your location, we will plan an appointment with you. During this introduction, we will discuss what you can expect from a booking. Next to that, we will photograph the interior and exterior of your location. 

Our portfolio

Photos of your location will be added to our portfolio with your own location number.  From this moment on your location will be brought to the attention of our customers and they can start booking. To protect your privacy we only provide personal contact details when the booking is confirmed.